We love to celebrate life and would be happy to support you on your journey of feeling well in your body!

That’s why we’d like to offer you an in-depth mindful movement course that runs for 7 weeks. These 7 weeks are there to take you on an important journey to nurture your body – your own inner teacher and supporting companion.

These videos will offer you a number of gentle yet powerful movement exercises to invite new awareness, energy, and relaxation into your body and mind.

Some of you might have already taken the chance to practice the exercises from our Video Series for Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain. Nonetheless, we’d love to offer you a more detailed exploration of these little treasures in our 7-week course! 


Every week you will get an email with a practice video and in-depth information that will enable you to not only render each movement more precisely but also to understand the health benefits of each exercise in theory and to experience these benefits in practice. 

In every email, you will also receive a little focus task which will help you to get more in contact with your body and what’s alive in you in that given moment – a powerful tool to awaken, motivate, and establish an inner teacher and inner „healing” authority in you. 

You will not only actively increase your level of tolerance and capacity to deal with difficult emotions, pain or exhaustion, you will also start to reshape your experience of pain or exhaustion by using the power of neuroplasticity – creating new pathways for a body experience and taking better care of your health and your body. 

And of course, you will give yourself the most precious gift – getting to know yourself and understanding your needs better to create a more supporting and fulfilling life.

Because we honour and appreciate your effort in taking care of yourself, we also have a BONUS for you at the end of the course – a relaxation exercise which will give you more joy in being in your body and in life.

If you got curious and feel brave enough to explore something new which has only one side effect – meeting yourself in full beauty and depth, feel free to sign up for your journey!



Rabea Klatt is a Yin Yoga and Qigong instructor and of what she calls QiYinFusion. She is also a certified classical homeopath and herbalist and is currently working and teaching in the North of Germany.

For more than ten years, Rabea has been following her passion for learning about and working with the body and the mind.

She integrates approaches like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gestalt Therapy, Inner Child Work, Non-Violent Communication, or Somatic Experiencing into her work.

Rabea studied Yin Yoga with well-known teachers like Sarah Powers (USA), Paul Grilley (USA), and Bernie Clark (Canada), and she has completed her 330 hours certified teacher training course.

During her training as a CAM practitioner, she also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years and spent almost ten years studying and practicing Qi Gong in Germany, Scotland, Thailand, and China.

In her work as an international teacher and CAM practitioner, she focuses particularly on “illnesses” like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and chronic pain issues.

Rabea loves exploring new ways of creating inner awareness through conscious movement, nurturing inner somatic landscapes and offering different ways of learning about oneself. The joyful and playful curiosity of the mind, the inner wisdom of the body and the beauty of free body movement are essential for her and her work as a therapist.

For more info about Rabea, check out her website or connect on Facebook.