Mental-health-informed Yin Yoga

If you are feeling stiffness and tightness in your body or have been under a lot of stress, Yin Yoga offers time and space to slow down, release physical tension and calm the mind. Explore the beauty of passive stretching: gently opening, compressing and twisting the body to feel more relaxed and expansive.

Mental-health-informed Yin Yoga mindfully facilitated by Elena, the founder of Back to the Body project, is all about creating a nourishing and safe environment where you can be fully present with yourself. It empowers choice and self-inquiry that lets YOU be in control of your experience!

You will be gently guided through mostly seated or reclined ‘asanas’ or shapes adapted to suit YOUR body’s anatomy so that you can get the most out of the class.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and book your private session (face-to-face in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or online via Zoom).


I work with the body and never get tired of discovering new things about this complex intelligent system that is human body. 

In my ‘past life’ I used to be a professional contemporary dance artist and often integrated somatic practices into my work as a performer, choreographer and teacher. But when I was recovering from a burnout, I started practicing Yin Yoga and now I’m passionate about sharing this practice with others.

I completed my Yin Yoga anatomy teacher training with Jose de Groot, a student of Paul Grilley, and a mental-health-informed Yin Yoga training with Amanda Jane.  I’m also studying and researching various trauma healing modalities including trauma-sensitive yoga.

If you like, you can check my Yin Yoga 4 Fatigue video classes adapted for people with low energy, burnout and chronic fatigue to get an idea about my teaching style. 


“I had a personal Yin Yoga class with Elena, focusing on long, deep stretches and calming the mind. It was really beneficial for me and I learned a lot more than in public classes, because Elena customized the yoga to my personal body anatomy. I am very flexible in most parts of my body, so often the common stretches do not really do it for me. Not so with Elena, she guided me deeper into the poses and showed me new ways how to do them. While doing this, she created an atmosphere where I could really surrender and find peace in the poses, so that I almost felt like coming out of a guided meditation afterwards. Thank you so much, Elena!”

– Christine, Germany

“I’m very happy to have had classes with my Elena, her yin yoga lessons were wonderful. I really enjoyed them. They’ve helped me with my stress and I felt very relaxed.”

– Nattalie, Thailand

“Yin yoga lessons with Elena were always fantastic and very useful! She nourished my body with gentle kindness and powerful energy. Always with clear explanation of movement. I really enjoyed her lessons! I would highly recommend Elena’s yin class to everyone!”

– Monika, Poland